Is London open now for Sightseeing Tours?

26th May 2021

Best Value Tours are delighted to say yes, London Sightseeing Tours are back running again, London attractions, pubs and cafes are open, and the Theatre is back.

If I book now what happens if I need to cancel my trip?

We only offer quality tours all with generous cancellation terms in case your plans change and you are unable to visit London. Most offer 100% refund with 24 hours notice, so you can book with confidence. The Complete London Tour for example needs just 24 hours’ notice.

Are London Sightseeing Tours and Attractions Covid safe?

We only offer Covid secure tours and trips, that fully comply with all Covid safety measures, with reduced numbers, cleaning, social distancing and so forth. For example the very popular London tour, including Tower of London and the London Eye.

Do I need to book sightseeing tours or trips in advance, or can I book on the day?

Now this is a much-asked question and the simple answer is; you absolutely need to book as far in advance as possible to secure places. With added Covid restrictions on numbers all tours are selling out rapidly. It is very unlikely places will be still available on the day and you are best to plan as many weeks or better still months in advance. If booking popular tours like the Stonehenge Inner Circle for example, Harry Potter, Downton Abbey then often you will need to book at least 6 months in advance to secure places. We will make sure your receive generous cancellation terms in case your plans and so you can book with confidence.

Do I have to book time slots at attractions, museums etc?

Yes; you do at nearly all attractions in and out of London and with Covid restrictions on numbers, this has become even more common. So your trip will need some extra planning to make sure you arrive at your attraction or museum at the correct time. Of course on our scheduled tours, this is all planned for you, for example Afternoon Tea on a Thames River Cruise.

Do you have Sightseeing Tours that stop at attractions and museums?

Yes we do and can highly recommend the Hop on/Hop off London Tours that cover the whole of London with over 60 stops and you can hop on or off at your leisure with complete flexibility. The are a number of 1 or 2 day options that also include entrance costs at attractions, these are great value, much cheaper than going to attractions independently and in most cases you will get priority entrances and avoid queues. Here are some best sellers.

Are the Out of London Sightseeing tours running again now?

We are delighted to say yes they, are also all Covid safe, but for the same reasons mentioned above you will need to book well in advance to secure places. Here are some top sellers.

Can you help me plan my trip, tours?

Yes we will be delighted to, this is a free service and we can help you get the most from tour whilst achieving Best Value. Feel free to us at or and our friendly expert staff will do their best to help your create an extraordinary trip. Have a great time!

Our Most Popular Essentials

There are so many and we cater for everyone so it may be a case of a leisurely Out of London trip to Stonehenge or you may want the buzz and excitement of a theatre tour of London – all the glitz and glamour is there. Out of London, we offer all sorts of adventures: Roman Baths, Shakespeare country, the Royal Pavilion, Brighton – you name it. Same with London – we don’t just do the round London tours – we can take you to Kew Gardens or we can take you on an expedition on the roof of the O2 Dome to the platform at the top offering spectacular views.

So we offer Out of London, Around London, Theatre and Hotels and then there are the spectacular Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, Boxing Day, New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day tours – what a way to celebrate the fun season.