Stonehenge and Extended Bath Tour

We leave London and head for the beautiful Georgian City of Bath. Here you will see the Roman Baths and Pump Rooms and take in the sights as you enjoy a walking tour. After lunch we travel to historic Stonehenge and marvel at the mysterious stones set on the Salisbury Plain. All entrance costs are included throughout the day, luxury air-conditioned coach with free Wi-Fi and an entertaining expert guide, plus a free lunch.

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Tour Highlights

  • Walking tour of Bath
  • Roman Baths and Pump Rooms entrance ticket
  • Stonehenge entrance ticket
  • Air-conditioned luxury coach
  • Professional guide
  • Free Wi-Fi on our coaches
  • Free snack pack lunch
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Tour Schedule

Escape from busy London for the day and visit two must-see UK attractions – mysterious Stonehenge and beautiful Bath. Fabulous architecture, unique prehistory and amazing scenery make this a once in a lifetime UK adventure.


The first city in the UK to become a UNESCO World Heritage site, Bath is full of stunning architecture, some dating back to Roman times, and has natural hot springs which have made it a place of pilgrimage for more than 2,500 years. Georgian-built crescents and avenues make it a memorable and very photogenic city.

Visit Bath Abbey, which dates from the 1400s, explore the many independent shops and famous tea rooms.

See the historic Roman Baths and have a taste of the Spa water in the neo-classical surroundings of the wonderful Pump Room.

A 30 minute walking tour with your friendly and knowledgeable guide will reveal the highlights of the city centre and tell you about its incredible history.

Free Snack Pack Lunch

Provided on board, this tasty cheese and salad sub sandwich, packet of crisps, chocolate cookie and bottle of water lets you spend more time sightseeing without having to worry about trying to find somewhere for lunch.


After visiting Bath, we travel to Stonehenge in the midst of Salisbury Plain.

The stones have stood here for over 4,500 years. Is it a calendar, temple, burial ground, or something else entirely? Listen to the audio guide as you walk around this incredible engineering achievement and judge for yourself. Don’t miss the exhibition where you’ll see some of the fascinating burial goods excavated from the barrows in the surrounding landscape.

Estimated time of arrival back in London is 19:30pm.

Important Information

  • Bookings made after midnight UK time for a same day tour will not receive a free snack pack.
  • During peak periods, WiFi may not be available on some coaches.


Will the tour pick-up from my hotel?

Not unless you are staying at a hotel that is a designated pick-up (you will see options for these before you pay).  This is because of Government actions to help prevent pollution, no tour operators have been allowed to make individual hotel pick-ups since 1st April 2017.

Are there toilets on the coaches?

Some coaches have toilets, some do not, but on all tours there are regular comfort stops of no longer than 2 hours apart, plus all places visited have toilets on site.

Will we have time for a full lunch stop whilst on tour?

Unless you book a tour that includes a specific lunch stop then no.  Most tours are targeted at seeing as much as possible in one day and do not have time for a full stop.  There are options to buy food and snacks at all sites visited, but these can be expensive and most people prefer to bring food and drink with them.  Supermarkets, e.g. Tesco Express offer excellent and great value, pre-prepared food that is ideal for this.  Here is a store finder link.

Will the tour return to for example London at the time stated or can it be late?

Most tours return at the expected time, but this is always subject to traffic and it is possible there could be a delay and so it is always wise to allow plenty of spare time if you are planning on booking theatre shows, trains or flights etc. after your tour.

What clothes should I wear?

It is always wise to check the weather forecast before setting out.  It is good to plan in case of rain, with perhaps a shower coat and umbrella.  There will likely be quite a bit of walking on tours and comfy shoes are a must and if any of the tour is on grass e.g. Stonehenge Inner Circle tours then waterproof shoes are sensible.  It is often colder out of London than in London particularly if windy and a jumper or fleece in summer are wise and a warm coat in winter.

If visiting London how much time will it take to see all the main sites, will we have time for more than one out of London tour if we only have a week? How long in advance should I book tours?

It is a common mistake that people think it may take six days to see London and only allow a day for out of London tours.  However there is so much to see out of London that four days to go out of London will be an amazing experience to see maybe all these locations, Dover, Canterbury, Leeds Castle, Hampton Court, Windsor, Winchester, Glastonbury, Stonehenge, Avebury, Bath, Stratford, Oxford and Warwick.

There are excellent day tours of London that see all of the main attractions in one day and then perhaps allow a further two days to see the Making of Harry Potter Warner Bros. Tour and other London attractions not included on the main tours and do not forget to book your show/theatre tickets well in advance too.

These are all very popular tours, most sell out well in advance and it is wise to book your tours, theatre and attractions several months in advance and you will find good planning in advance will optimise your holiday.

Is it better value to tour sites of London and out of London sites on our own, perhaps hiring a car?

No, fixed tours of both London and out of London are much better value than visiting sites individually and you will find going individually entrance costs alone will add up to more than the fixed tours, even before you factor in travel costs.

Do tours pick-up from any of the London airports?

Sorry no tours depart or return from any UK airports.  There are however excellent rapid express trains for example the Heathrow Express.

Can you help me find a discounted best value hotel? Plus theatre/shows and other attractions?

Yes we certainly can and here are some useful links.

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