Let Scotland enchant and amaze you

25th June 2019

Today we would like to highlight amazing Scotland, sometimes overlooked or not understood how easily reached it is on a visit to the UK.

Here at Best Value Tours it is our most popular destination and we receive excellent feedback and outstanding reviews from delighted customers.

We offer a wide variety of day and multi-day small group tours of Scotland which we highly recommend and click here for details.

Highlands and Loch Ness

Reaching Scotland from London

Most people are very pleasantly surprised how quick and cheap it is to fly to Edinburgh or Glasgow from London.

Flights cost from just £30 each, only take an hour and 10 mins and as it is an internal flight in the UK there is no passport control or customs to hold you up.

Once in Scotland, either based in one of the stunning cities or touring around, you will find accommodation charming and considerably cheaper than London prices, making a 1-2 or more days trip up North, great value and a welcome addition to your UK holiday.

Or you can choose this great best value Day Trip to Scotland by Train.

Just an hour and 10 mins away is Edinburgh, host in this image at the iconic castle for the Edinburgh Military Tattoo

Day Tours from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness

As already highlighted once in Scotland you will find unique and enchanting accommodation, that is great value and far cheaper than London and based at any of these three cities, there are suburb choices of excellent day tours.

One of the most popular are day tours to local Whisky distilleries or for a more full on Whisky experience, maybe a multi-day Whisky Tour.

Speysdie 3 day Distilleries TourOther highly recommended day tours include: Why not try the Rosslyn Chapel and Scottish Borders Tour and uncover the myths and legends of the Da Vinici code?

Or perhaps The Highlands, Loch Ness and Glencoe Day Tour, taking in this most stunning region of Scotland and infamous Loch Ness.

Mainland Scotland and Isle of Skye Multi-Day Tours

These tours offer a beautiful experience to explore stunning regions of Scotland on a luxury small group tour, with an entertaining and informative, local expert guide. Plus with choice of accommodation ranging from hotels, bed and breakfast, budget hotels or 4 and 5 star hotels, there is something for everyone and all at amazing value.

Why not enjoy and extended trip to the Highlands and Loch Ness, plus the absolutely stunning Isle of Skye and here is a beautiful 3 day option.

Stunning Isle of Skye

Scottish Islands

It is well worth going a little further afield and explore the Gems of Scotland the stunning coast and Islands.

Maybe the amazing; 5 Day Scotland’s Northern Coast and Orkney Tour, featuring the history and beauty of the stunning Orkney Isles,

Or perhaps; the beautiful 3 Day Isle of Arran Tour, the Isle of Arran a 56 square mile gem of Scotland.

Beautiful Oban

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