Visit Salisbury in rural Wiltshire, England

8th May 2019

Now is a great time to visit Salisbury, a stunning medieval walled city in the beautiful heart of rural Wiltshire in England. With the weather getting warmer as we go from Spring into Summer it is a perfect time of year, plus great news, one of the only remaining Magna Carta is now back on display at the magnificent Salisbury Cathedral, after its attempted theft last year. Also if touring between 24th May and 9th June 2019 there will be a number of fascinating items on display as part of the Salisbury International Arts Festival 2019.

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Iconic Salisbury Gate

History of Salisbury

Salisbury and its surrounding area has a rich ancient history and Salisbury’s history is also closely linked with nearby Old Sarum Castle and Stonehenge. Salisbury history really starts at Salisbury Hill which is 2 miles from the now city centre, when 2500 years ago a fort was constructed there and a small settlement grew. That fort is now the site of Old Sarum Castle.

Skipping forward to 1003, history records that Vikings invaded the nearby settlement of Wilton and the settlers there moved to the protection of the fort at Salisbury Hill and so that settlement grew.

As the years went by its population grew to big for the fort and in 1207 a new settlement began at what we now know as modern day Salisbury. By 1219 Salisbury had a vibrant market, that still continues to this day and in 1227 was granted its own Charter as a New Town.

By the 14th century the town had grown considerably and a stone wall that mostly stands to this day was constructed to surround the city.

Salisbury Cathedral

There is a fascinating fact as how the location of Salisbury Cathedral was determined. An archer based at Old Sarum castle was tasked with firing his long bow into the valley away from the castle and it was where that arrow landed, an incredible two miles away, where the cathedral was built.

The main part of the Cathedral was constructed in just 38 years between 1220 to 1258, just after the town had developed into a vibrant market town, now with the Cathedral built it became The City of Salisbury.

In 1549 the most magnificent and recognised around the world, the famous spire was added, to the splendid height of 123 meters making it the tallest church spire in Britain. This completed the Cathedral to the stunning building we still see and enjoy today.

Salisbury Cathedral

The internal architecture of the Cathedral is a stunning array of sculpted arches, stained glass windows and an amazing beamed vaulted ceiling.

Inside Salisbury Cathedral

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