Is Sightseeing comfortable during Winter in London and out of London?

26th November 2019

One of our most asked questions is about the weather and ‘is Sightseeing comfortable during Autumn, Christmas and New Year and Winter generally in London and Out of London or perhaps Paris and Scotland?

We it is true it can be chilly in the Britain and Scotland during Winter, possibly a little wet or occasionally snow, but if you are well prepared it is comfortable and the perfect time to visit, avoiding crowds and queues with priority entrance.

Stunning Christmas lights on London street

In London and Out of London and Scotland and Paris Sightseeing touring all facilities, hotels, restaurants, bars and shops will be warm and cosy and all our Best Value Tours are on new luxury air-conditioned coaches with free wi-fi and so they are all warm and cosy to.

Where you will need to be prepared is when you are exposed to the elements, for example Stonehenge.

Stonehenge is set in open fields and hills on the edge of Salisbury Plane in rural Wiltshire.

Amazing Stonehenge set in rural Wiltshire

It is always a few degrees colder in Wiltshire than London for example, but the main thing it is more exposed to the elements and so it is the wind chill factor you need to consider more than the actual temperature, definitely check the forecast before your tour and dress appropriately.

In particular is rain is expected be prepared, put wind and rain together and you will need some protection. However good news, a few simple things will help, umbrella, hats, fleece, jumper, coat and gloves.

And especially if you are visiting Stonehenge for one of the Stonehenge inner circle tours, you will need waterproof shoes or boots. The stones are set in grass and in winter this is often wet.

Good news, at all attractions the visitor centres are warm and comfy and all have good catering facilities for tea and coffee, snacks, sandwiches, meals and other drinks. Plus of course many attractions are inside for example most of Windsor Castle which will be warm inside, but be aware when you step out onto the turret terraces, great views, but can be chilly in Winter.

The main recommendation here is Winter is a great time to tour, with few crowds and queues and you will be fine with the weather as long as you are prepared. So do check the forecasts before you pack (these are pretty accurate a month in advance) and prepare for what they say.

So you will be all set for an enchanting trip to England in all its Winter glory and colours. and we can promise you an amazing experience.

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